Residential Construction

NCS Residential Construction

Turning houses into homes

The decision to design, build, or remodel your home, cabin, boat house, or garage can be a life changing one.  It is a very important yet sometimes difficult process to go through without the proper guidance.  Building or remodeling is something to be proud of and we at Nelson Construction take pride in our work as if constructing our own personal homes.  The process can be busy at times, so our team will put together a detailed step-by-step guide, custom to your project, that you will follow along with and make key decisions.  It will start on Day 1 when you walk in the door, continue through to the day of move in, and many years after with our lifetime warranty.  Whether you are adding a deck or building new, NCS has what you need.

Versatility in style

Our projects are custom, there are no “ifs”, “ands”, or “buts” about it. From the way we design all the way down to the how we finish a home is custom to you. We design the old fashion way; in house, around a table, taking notes on blue prints and redrawing until it is right. To have a solid home you have to start with a solid foundation, which means having a good plan in place before we start is a necessity. Let us guide you through your next project. We offer design and drafting services to all of our customers, so stop in and visit our highly trained staff.

What our clients are saying...

"We may not have been the easiest clients Nelson construction has had due to changes while the project was under construction but NCS was very flexible and helpful. We would visit the site every Friday and then go out to lunch to talk about it. We were very impressed with Chris personally and very much appreciated his attention to detail. He was very careful about whom he let in on the project and it was important to us that he used local craftsmen. Everyone was highly skilled."

Jim Lewis